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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

GOODBYE Scandinavian Chic and HELLO TheDailyDagny :)

It's official - Scandinavian Chic is shutting down, or at best, inactive. It will still be here as an archive, but this is the last post of the blog.

The Daily Dagny is my new website, where I'll be writing about some of the things I used to write about here, but it's much more focused on colours in a broader perspective. This is what you can expect to read about:

  • Posts about colour in a big perspective and in a variety of fields, like interior design, fashion, architecture, lifestyle etc
  • Analysis of current long- or shortwave trends
  • Color Psychology
  • Quotes (yes, I’m a quoteoholic, I admit it. Most quotes will be about color)
  • How-to… (make a colour scheme for your home, match your sofa to your walls, know which colors are safe to invest in, etc)
  • Inspiring short films and commercials
  • Interviews about colors with Scandinavian creatives
  • Colourful Scandinavian homes
  • Scandinavian Maximalism
  • Mostly Norwegian (and some Scandinavian) design (SO much talent!)
  • My own projects (aka what I do for a living; color&trend forecasting, concept development and creative direction)

  • Hope to see you "over there", and a big thank you for 6 wonderful years with an audience from over 100 countries across the globe. It's definitely been fun! :D

    Tuesday, October 29, 2013

    A Letter To My Daughters

    This is a letter to my daughters, directly inspired by Jeff Jones' (Chief Marketing Officer at Target) letter to his daughters, posted on Linkedin (click here to read) a while back. He will be giving his letter to his girls when they're 18, I want to give it to mine when they're 14. If I had a son, I would give him the same letter.

    Dear Indie and Stella. My two babies. I can't believe you're growing up so fast. You're about to embark on a challenging period of your lives, where you make a lot of important decisions. These are some of my life lessons, and I hope they can come in handy on your journey :) 

    1.Find out what's important to you. This is a difficult one, but it can also be simple. For most people, it's probably to be happy.

    2. So be happy: I chose happy as my number one priority pretty early in life. I've always strongly believed that happiness is a choice. Choose the things that lead to results that make you happy. Having this goal doesn't mean that you should always be happy, that's neither wise or human. We all experience things that suck, and I have too. The clue is how you deal with the crap you meet in life. Let yourself be sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed, furious, appalled, distraught, scared etc. Let yourself fall apart if you need to, but don't stay there. If you can fix the problem, try your best to do so (it can be scary, but you will probably regret it if you don't, and regretting things suck). If you can't fix it, learn your lesson, and make sure it doesn't happen again. Choose not to repeat your mistakes.

    3. You're not perfect, deal with it. Perfect is boring anyways, right? There will always be someone that is smarter than you, prettier than you, faster than you, but they will never be you or have your combination of skills. That combo may be what sets you apart from the rest of the group. It's what makes you unique and special. You will make mistakes. Some won't matter, and others you may regret for life. Which obviously sucks, but it's a part of not being perfect. 

    4. Don't listen to people that tell you you can do anything. It's bullshit. We all have our talents, and you need to find out what yours are. Both of you have many to choose from, and they're very different. Find out which ones you want to purify and crystalize. I'll help you if you let me :)

    5. Surround yourself with people that make you a better you. People that give you energy and challenge you. Generous people. Weird people with strong personalities. Quiet and introvert people full of wisdom and kindness. Loud people that "take the room". Look for people that are different from you and that can help you grow. Get rid of the ones that pull you down. It's part of life to "break up" with friends if you no longer have a valuable relationship.

    6. If you choose to work full time, part time or not at all, make sure that your decision is well thought out, that you're comfortable with your choice and that it makes you happy

    7. Your personal life will ALWAYS be more important than your professional life. Work to live, don't live to work. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't have a fulfilling career, or work hard (be efficient and reach your goals), but it means that you need to know your priorities. The number one regret for palliative care patients (people on their deathbeds) is that they worked too much. Remember that. It's not worth it.

    8. Don't be afraid to fail. Remember, perfect is boring. If you don't try, you don't win. You can gain SO much by moving outside of your comfort zone. You might feel embarrassed and stupid, but at least you tried. Sometimes the only reason for failure is giving up. Just because something is difficult doesn't mean you shouldn't try. It means you should try harder.  

    9. Try to be truthful and honest as often as you can. It will be easier for your surroundings to understand you and relate to you. And sometimes, being honest is giving negative feedback. If you're angry with someone, let them know, and let them know why. But it's equally important to give positive feedback. If you're happy with someone, let them know, and let them know why. 

    10. When you find that special someone, don't let him or her slip away. A great (not good, but great) partner in life is extremely valuable. Love hard :)

    11. Be an individual. You are more than a wife, girlfriend, partner, mom, professional etc. Don't be the half of a twosome. You're you. A whole person. Never forget yourself, who you are and stay true to yourself.

    12. There's no such thing as LUCK. Only hard work and determination. Research has shown that successful people does not experience any more "luck" than the average Joe. 

    13. Be generous. I'm not talking about finances and cash, but in spirit. Remember that no one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes, not just you. If someone is trying to achieve something, try to find out if there's anything you can do to help (sometimes, all the help they need is your encouraging words). Don't expect people to fail, but if they do, be proud of them for trying. That takes courage. 

    Dont's are always stupid, but I have three (dammit) four: 
    1. Don't settle. 
    2. Don't do drugs. Every parent says that, but drugs are a way to escape from reality and painful experiences that can ruin you. Like almost all parents have, I've seen it happen several times. Every single druggie I've met is unhappy, scared and lacks in confidence. I will do my best to give you a foundation that makes it easy to say no, but in the end, it's up to you. It's your choice. 
    3. Don't gamble. Calculated risks are ok, but gambling is not. 
    4. Don't be afraid to show your emotions. 

    And my last piece of advice?
    (except for the spiking the punch part. Don't do that before you're 18)

    Love you always,
    Friday, September 13, 2013

    My favorites from NY Fashion Week SS14

    So NYFW was the circus it usually is, with a great mix of designers and lots of stuff happening both on and off the catwalks. For SS14, there were a lot of designers doing the same thing, which I find incredibly boring. This season, they decided to all simultaneously do black&white. Since I feel this combo is kinda unrefined and passe, I skipped the designers that went for that look (which were basically 13 per dozen). There were of course plenty of other designers with interesting use of colors, and here's a roundup of my favorites. 

    DELPOZO - My absolute favorite from NYFW. Delpozo are into their second season of rejuvenating the brand, and I'm in love. They're playing with interesting silhouettes, elegant color combos and still keeping it feminine and wearable. 

    (all images from style.com)

    Kate Spade - Kind of a high street brand, but I've always loved her use of color. It's a fresh combo of classic with a twist and a dash of humor. The color palette was interesting and refined. Very wearable, and potential future wardrobe classics. 

    Lulu Frost - I'm a sucker for Lulu Frost's jewelery, and Neon Baroque for SS14 did not disappoint. The beyond fabulous tulle skirts and tops were by Mary Kahle (I want it all!!)

    Mara Hoffman - Hippie luxe, awesome prints and fresh colors. So many fun pieces, and such a strong personality throughout the whole collection. Very refreshing to se a designer trying to make it-pieces, but rather a strong and individual collection.

    Monique Lhuillier - Love, love, loved this dress! Fantastic hot color combo, with lots of potential to play and have fun with accessories.

    Ostwald Helgason - I did notice a lot of mixing patterns on a general basis, but there was something fun and refreshing with this look. Kind of geeky cool.

    Tanya Taylor - Stripes are always hot, and I really loved how Tanya played with colors and patterns in this look. Super elegant and chic.

    Trina Turk - I love Trina Turk, much because of her fun and relaxed personality. This long caftan is just begging to be a part of my wardrobe! :D

    Naeem Khan - I have a feeling about this cut and shape, and I think we'll be seeing more of it. Not only for dressing up, but also for more relaxed settings AND work.

    Oscar de la Renta - He always makes pretty dresses, but this green one? Out of this world!! Absolutely loving the candy colors. :)

    Ralph Lauren - Ralph usually has a very subdued and classical (read: boring) color scheme, but this season he went to town! Some of the dresses didn't really do it for me shape wise, but this blue dream is a killer! Pretty spectacular. I love how the classical and more traditional brands are being more colorful for SS14!

    Anyways, that's my roundup. Which ones were your favorites?

    Monday, September 9, 2013

    Work Wear: Green

    Clothes are not about fashion to me, but about communication, style and personality. Whether you like it or not, people judge you by how you look, what kind of clothes you wear, and most importantly, what colors you wear. In this series, I'll guide you through the most basic colors, and how they work, and when you should wear them.

    If you work in a corporate environment, it is important to use colors that help you support your agenda, and not work against you.

    Green is a friendly and relaxing color, with a number of interesting nuances. The most versatile ones, are emerald green (left), army green (middle) and kelly green (right). Emerald green is the easiest to pull off. It compliments all eye colors, which is your most important tool when it comes to communicating with others.

    So when should you be wearing green? If you just finished your degree, and are applying for your first job, green is perfect. It gives a professional vibe that isn't too hard core. You will appear hungry, but not too hungry. You'll seem friendly and relaxing. I was a recruiter in my previous job, and it could be quite difficult to differentiate all the black, grey and beige wearing young professionals. Green will make sure you're remembered, but not for the wrong reason (also, if you're going to an interview, drop all the bling and flashy heels). Green is a good color, if you want to look professional, but not conservative, boring or dated.

    work wear - green

    These outfits have different degrees of formality, with the example to the right is the least formal. An instant fix, if you want the look to be more formal, is to wear a blazer. The blazer should not be black, because it's too harsh of a contrast towards the green shades. Good alternatives, could be a different shade of green, navy or a different color that you like. Almost every color works with green.

    So do you like green? Is it a color you would use? Green is actually my favorite, and I wear it all the time. In my book, the LGD (Little Green Dress) beats the LBD every day of the week.


    Monday, August 12, 2013

    My Home is on the Cover of Elle Decoration!

    Weeee, my home is on the COVER of Norwegian Elle Decoration!! Beyond excited and SO happy with the photos! The August issue hits stores today, where you can see the rest of our new home. 

    Yup, the COVER!

    The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it's filled to the rim with Scandinavian design. The red chairs, are the fabulous Tati chair, designed by Swedish Ralf Lindberg in 1989 for Gärsnäs (no longer in production). The large dining room table is by Norwegian Ygg&Lyng, and is called Viola. The chandeliers are from the classical Norwegian Høvik brand, and were spray painted in a pink powderish nuance. The brass & fabulous kitchen fan, is the Hera model from Norwegian Høvik Metall. The wall color is Mild Akvamarin FR1122, from Fargerike. Most pillows are also made from textiles from Fargerike.

    Hope you like the little sneak peek of my new home, and have a fabulous week! :D


    ps - My home was photographed by Elisabeth Aarhus, and styled by Christine Hærra
    Saturday, July 13, 2013

    What I Wore: #DagensDagny

    On Instagram, #DagensDagny is one of my daily hashtags. It's actually a color&pattern experiment, where I try out new combinations and play with my wardrobe - which does not include any black items (except my funeral dress), or neutral basics. 

    The pics are actually a little boring, because they're about the colors, patterns and combinations. No fuss, just clothes&colors. 

    If you want to follow me on Instagram, click HERE. Who's got your favorite profile? Would love to see who inspires you the most, I'm always looking for new inspo!

    Hope you're enjoying July! :D

    Saturday, May 25, 2013

    My Latest Project: The Mikado Suite at the Grand Hotel

    As part of Color of the Year, we (Fargerike) redecorate a suite at one of Norway's most interesting and renowned hotels, Grand Hotel Oslo, which was the place Edvard Munk tried to trade his first paintings in exchange for food (at the Grand Hotel Cafe), and Henrik Ibsen was a regular. In other words the location of major cultural and historical events for ages. 

    It feels like an honor to be able to transform one suite each year into a color experience, Grand style, of course. Color of the Year 2013 for the Norwegian market, is ten shades of Purple

    New from this year, is that we've incorporated some of the most exciting and interesting Norwegian designs of the year as well. And there were plenty of goodies to choose from!

    The first room of the suite, is the living and dining room. It's decorated in light and airy lavender tones, and has a very classical look and feel to it, with a few elements to make it more bold and daring. Here, the modern classic, the OK sofa, was reupholstered in velvet instead of the traditional wool, which gives it a completely different look. The nuances of lavender are both warm and cold, which is usually a no no, but I think it works just perfectly. Chairs, table & mirrors are treasures from the Grand Hotel basement. 

    Some elements are important to bring the look to 2013, and the caleidoscope photographs by Norwegian artist Helene Jellestad brings the perfect flair. The moldings on the wall has been painted in an almost white shade of lavender. The floring is a traditional oak from Tarkett's Epoque collection (from Fargerike). The chandelier got new custom shades.

    The Mikado suite was originally Japanese, and it was important to incorporate some elements as a nod to it's heritage. These cherry blossom silk drapes from Sanderson/Fargerike were the perfect pick.

    Following the living and dining room, is the office. A slightly bolder palette, with a dusty turquoise ceiling (St Tropez FR1211)

    The bedroom is (not surprisingly), my fave. We went for a Norwegian Eclectic vibe, with a bold and strong color scheme, that challenges our aesthetic. Does it work, or not? Does hot coral drapes go with deep purple walls? Of course they do! ;) It's all about playing contrasting elements, mixing style directions and combining old with new. 

    We worked with interior designer and stylist Christine Hærra to achieve the exact look we wanted. Photos are by Sveinung Bråthen for Fargerike.

    Hope you like the suite, it's definitely been one of my favorite projects!


    Sunday, May 5, 2013

    Pimp up your Pax, Factum or Bestå!

    I was just made aware of Superfront, founded by Swedish Mick Born, Sander Aarts, Monica Born and Lars Lundsjö, which is no less than an AWESOME new IKEA-pimping concept.

    Superfront makes custom legs, fronts and pulls for your Pax, Factum and Bestå furniture. And I have to say, with these elements, you can make your IKEA furniture look like a million bucks!

    Mint green fronts with dark emerald green "legs".

    Love the bold color combo here, with purple fronts, and orange "legs". + Custom pulls of course. Definitely a statement!

    I'm a total sucker for brass, and look at the legs!! WOHOO! Am totally doing this on my Pax.

    Super feminine and simple.

    LOVE the captains! Comes with both copper and brass finish, pluss a huge variety of paint finished. 

    And you know what? The price is actually not that bad! This has to be the best thing that happened to IKEA since Pretty Pegs!

    You like??


    Friday, April 26, 2013

    How I Ended Up Here (warning, no pictures)

    This is a really personal post. Don't do those very often, but for some reason, I wanted to get down on "paper", what's happened the past 2,5 years, and why it did.

    I have a lot on my plate, and I have to say, I'm extremely thankful for it. The past 2,5 years, since I stopped being a full time blogger, and startet working for Fargerike, has been a crazy whirlwind experience. I started working there December 2010, where I got a huge budget (is probably average compared to other companies, but still, HUGE for me), and a boss (Linda Frid) that really believed in me. I was full of ideas and plans, and she almost always said "Sure! That sounds like a great idea!". And I was like, what?? She said yes?? WOHOO!! (I have gotten quite a few no's as well, but I don't dwell on those ;)) And that's how we got our Trend!-collection, started collaborating with huge wallpaper brands, introduced Color of the Year, and also, our collaboration with Grand Hotel, Oslo. I have two more projects on my list that I want to set into action, and I think they're extremely exciting!! Hopefully, I'll get to present them here in a few months (fingers crossed!!)

    I have grown immensely these years, and shudder when I see some of the first projects I did. At the time, I thought they were great, now, not so much. A friend of mine recently said, "and that's probably how the rest of the professionals saw them at that time too. I totally had not thought in that direction. At all. And was like, OH NO! Then stopped thinking about it again. What's in the past is in the past. Stepping into this industry really has been a super experience, and I've gotten such a warm welcome. That part still amazes me. How nice everyone's been. Everyone from our agents, distributors and brands, agencies, other companies, and not to mention, the press. And more lately, from female power women from all kinds of industries here in Norway. Major support that feels so important.

    I've always been passionate about colors, and first started experimenting when I was five. It begun with clothes, and at the age of 14/15, i started gaining interest in interiors. My mothers home was the first project. Although she's probably my biggest fan, she never thought I was creative. She wanted me to get a university degree, my father wanted me to go to Parsons to be a designer. I listened to my mom, and started studying Pedagogy, Sociology and Informatics at the University of Oslo. And have never been more unhappy. I gained weight (which has seriously never happened before, I have never (before or after) been able to gain weight). Have always been super stable. I also got acne. However, the sociology and pedagogy are important to me today, and I'm happy I chose the path I did. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't be here, in the job I have. Or maybe I would?

    My former job, was as an Onsite Manager (with insourced staff) working towards the IT industry. It gave me incredible insight to negotiations, leadership and business. I use what I learned there, every single day. I also use what I learned while working at McDonalds every single day as well. To me, that was the perfect first job when I was 16. I learned to be efficient, to compete, and to make 12 hamburgers in 2 minutes. A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I still remember the feeling of putting on ketchup, mustard, onion and pickles on all 12 burgers before the grill opened as such a rush. My first "real" job was also in the IT-industry, during the IT boom in 1999. That was also a huge learning curve for me, where I learned a lot about what can happen if you have too much money (as a company), how to keep focus, and I worked with some extremely dedicated people, that are still excelling in their fields. I startet out as a secretary, and had a blast structuring all the contracts and customer registry. Continued into web controlling, and from there, as a project manager.

    In other words, my path has been strange, but at one point, and I remember it clearly, I made a decision, and that decision was that I wanted to work with what I've always been passionate about, colors and interiors. That moment happened while I was at home with my second daughter, Stella. I think it subconsciously happened sooner, when I was at home with my first daughter, Indie. I sat down, thought about my current job, and realized, although this job is fun, and fulfills a lot of what I want in a job, I want more. I want to work with what I'm passionate about! Scandinavian design from a maximalistic point of view was my main focus here on the blog at the time, and that involves both color, patterns, Scandinavian Design&Interiors. And that focus is what lead me to the headhunter that picked me up for Fargerike (where I currently work as Creative Director). My combo of knowledge about colors&interiors, combined with business and marketing understanding, the background from the University, interest in social media and web competence, led to me not having any competitors for the role. No one could match my combination of skills. The headhunter shook his head, and said; this job was made for you?!?! And I looked at him, and realized, I couldn't agree more. And that's how it all started.

    Today, I still have to pinch myself, that I get to do what I love the most every single day; I play with colors! At work, with my home, and with how I dress.  
    Wednesday, April 24, 2013

    What Happens in Milan..

    ..does most certainly not stay in Milan!

    I was in Milan during the furniture/design fair (Saloni), and it really was an inspirational trip! Met LOADS of interesting and inspirational people, forgot to fotograph anything but furniture and came home bursting with new ideas. Definitely a successful trip!

    For part 1 of my report from Milan, click HERE. (The subjects are colors, geometric shapes, the Wingback Chair and interesting surfaces)

    This picture sums up three big trends: geometric shapes, copper and botanicals. Big plants - EVERYWHERE! (Diesel for Moroso)

    Happy Wednesday! :)


    Monday, March 18, 2013

    Our Newest Rugs - one of them Could be Yours!

    These two area rugs, Fjell (geometric) and Flora (organic), has just arrived in our (Fargerike) stores, and I find them absolutely beautiful!

    While Flora is inspired by the Norwegian Flora,

    Fjell is inspired by the Norwegian mountains.

    The plum shade is incredibly easy to combine with other colors, and the pair is launced as part of Color of the Year 2013 for the Norwegian market.

    If you want the chance to win one of the rugs, hop over to Fargerike's blog HERE

    What do you think? Love or loathe?? 

    Happy Monday!!

    Wednesday, February 20, 2013

    Would it be too Crazy?

    So, as you know, We've just purchased my grandparents home, and it has a super cozy cottage look, with brown timber and blue windows and shutters. 

    I know my mother loves it, and I do too...

    Owned by the Novogratz family (of course). Always so bold and confident in their choices. I think it's such a good look!!

    But then I saw this!

    Is that a happy house or what?? Ours look very much like it, except for the posh looking entrance. (ours is very ordinary)

    I SO want to do it! My husband asked me if I'd been drinking (I don't drink), but I seriously think he kind of liked the idea.

    What do you think?

    Totes over the top (we're conservative here in Norway), or fun&fearless??


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