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Friday, July 31, 2009

What would you do? / Hva ville du gjort?

Da har Art Nouveau-bøkene mine kommet, og hva kan jeg si....? Valgets kvaler! Jeg har planer om en serie med seks bilder på veggen over sofaen (3+3) og skal ha bilder som kan se ut som om de hører sammen. Bildene nedenfor er forslag på ulike serier (det finnes seks som passer sammen av alle), og jeg vet rett og slett ikke hva jeg skal velge?

My Art Nouveau books just arrived, and what can I say...? How to choose??? I'm planning a series of six pictures on the wall over the sofa (3+3) with steel frames, and I want pictures that look like they belong together. The pictures below are my suggestions for different series I can choose from. I have no idea which ones to pick, since I like all of them. And it's not like I can wallpaper my living room with these drawings either.

1. Different images of women in pale blue with a red contrasting color. They're GORGEOUS!

2. Drawings of different period pieces like combs, necklaces, chairs, women and bottles in a vague red color

3. Again, period pieces with in a soft, pale blue color

4. These pics are actually postcards, and there's 24 of them. They're beautiful images, but I'm afraid they're a little to small for my large steel frames. There's no problem finding six fantastic drawings here, though.

5. These are mostly unfinished drawings in black and white. A lot of them are exquisite, and with great details (as they all have). My concern with these are the lack of color. It may be a possibility to do something interesting with the color of the paspatour (the paper around the drawing in the frame), though.

6. Beautiful full color drawings. I love these ones as well...

Som dere ser, har jeg store problemer med å velge... Hvilken serie ville DU valgt? For å se tidligere innlegg om stuen, klikk her. For å se mine innlegg om Art Nouveau klikk her.

As you can probably tell, I'm having huge difficulties deciding here.. Which ones would YOU pick? To see previous posts about my living room, click here. To see my previous posts about Art Nouveau, click here.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Inspirational Reading / Inspirerende lesestoff

Jeg er en stor fan av formene, arkitekturen og illustrasjonene fra Art Nouveau-perioden. De kjennetegnes av organiske former, og har veldig få rette linjer. Stilen er et perfekt motstykke til det som preger min stil i dag, med mye geometriske mønstre, striper og enkle former. Bøkene:

- The Drawings: Seventy Works
- The Art Nouveau Book of Alphonse Mucha
- Mucha Poster Postcards in Full Color

Disse inneholder illustrasjoner, postkort og annet snacks, alt fra talentfulle Alfonse Mucha - en innflytelsesrik kunstner fra Art Nouveau-perioden. Med stor sannsynlighet vil deler av disse bøkene ende opp innrammet på veggene mine ;)

I'm a huge fan of the Art Nouveau forms, architecture and illustrations. They're recognized by organic and feminine lines. The art from this period is a perfect counter piece to much of the design I lean towards today with geometrical and Arabic patterns. The books,

- The Drawings: Seventy Works
- The Art Nouveau Book of Alphonse Mucha
- Mucha Poster Postcards in Full Color

Include illustrations, postcards and other snacks, all from the talented Alfonse Mucha, an influental artist from the period. There's a big chance that some of these books will end up on my wall ;)

Jeg har aldri vært en jente som lager egne puter og greier, men kanskje nå er den rette tiden? (siden jeg har så mye ekstra tid mellom hendene som snart-tobarnsmamma.. Hehehe)

I've never really been a grosgrain kind of girl, but maybe there's some good inspirational pics and know how here?

Jeg vet ikke hvorfor jeg ikke har kjøpt denne for lenge siden, men nå er den i alle fall på vei.

I don't know why I haven't gotten this sooner, but now it's on it's way to Norway.

All pics are from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Billy Baldwin Decorates (1972) står fortsatt på listen...

Billy Baldwin Decorates (1972) is still on the wish list. ..
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby mode: Changing Table / Stellebord

Image Courtesy of Cottage Living (RIP)

Jeg synes denne versjonen av et stellebord er helt fantastisk! Hadde jeg hatt en liten nisje på rommet til "babyimagen" ville vi absolutt satset på å lage et slikt!

I'm loving this version of the changing table (or in this case changing station?). It's such a great use of space, and I can see it growing with the child with some minor adjustments to it.
Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nydelig speil... / Gorgeous sunburst!

Er det ikke nydelig? Listingen er på ebay.com, og selgeren shipper til Norge! For å se flere bilder, klikk her. Synd at jeg allerede har et speil på vei, ellers ville jeg kjøpt dette også!

Isn't it gorgeous? Since I already have a sunburst on the way, I thought I'd share this beauty with you. To view the complete listing, click here.
Friday, July 24, 2009

My meeting with the talented Tobi Fairley! / Mitt møte med den talentfulle interiørdesigneren Tobi Fairley!

Tobi Fairley er en av designerne jeg beundrer, mye pga hennes evne til å lage spennende fargekombinasjoner og paletter. I feburar fant jeg ut at jeg har lyst til å dele noe av hennes kunnskap med mine lesere, og vi har siden den tid diskutert vinkling på saken. Tobi jobber på det amerikanske markedet, og har blant annet blitt utnevnt til en av topp 20 lovende interiørdesignere av magasinet Traditional Home. Nedenfor kan du blant annet lese om hennes favorittmøbler, tips til unge interiørdesignere / int.ark. og hvordan man kan bli mer "vågal" i fargebruken.

Tobi Fairley is one of the designers I admire, much because of her great talent in composing great color palettes and interesting color combinations. I started discussing with Tobi back in February about doing a piece about her here on Beautiful Living, and we ended up with what you see below. We dish about her favorite pieces of furniture, how to implement more color in your design, and tips on how to survive as a young designer (among other things!). Enjoy!!

1. As a designer, your style is very re
cognizable by your great color schemes. What lead you to use such daring colors?

I am VERY inspired by all the GO
RGEOUS and colorful textiles that are available. I am actually just published a post on my blog about fabrics that I love. But I guess it is just the confidence that my parents instilled in me that allows me to take risks with color in my interiors. And although when I get my interiors just the way I want them I don’t change them often, but I don’t really ever think about my personal interiors as being “written in stone”. I think of them as evolving so if I tire of something, or find something new that I love better, I am not opposed to tweaking things a bit.

It is funny that I have a little bit of a hard time answering this question because I us
ing color just comes naturally to me. It was not really a conscious decision on the beginning. I have always worn bright colors well and am comfortable with them in my wardrobe so I guess it was a natural progression from fashion to interiors! I also love to wear colorful shoes!

Image Courtesy of

2.Here in Norway, we're "color challenged", and by that I mean that designers very often only use white, beige and maybe some soft colors that are "barely there". Do you have any advice for designers or individuals that want to use more colors, but are unsure how to?

I always suggest that people ease into their use of color if it is not their comfort zone. Things like pillows, an accent chair, accessories are great places to start because they are small and not such a huge commitment. And though it seems a little bold and daring, paint is not a bad place to start either. It is relatively inexpensive to buy paint compared to buying furnishings and drapery. So you can always put the color on the wall and keep your furniture and window treatments neutral. This way if you tire of the paint, just paint over it and you will have neutral pieces that will still work with a new paint selection whether you decide to go for color again or go back to your neutral comfort zone.

One last tip for infusing color is buying colorful artwork, especially o
riginal artwork. A lot of people can embrace abstract colorful artwork to mix back in a neutral space. And a neutral surrounding gives a “gallery-like” atmosphere in which to display these wonderful works of art so they seem more special! They become a real focus point in the room!

Image Courtesy of

3. What is in your opinion the most important part of an interior design? Is there a particular thing you think can "make it" or "break it"?

Space planning is probably the most important! If you don’t get the room laid out well and the furniture placed properly than you really compromise the function of the space. A well planned room can be made to look gorgeous with all the amazing furnishings, fabrics and accessories on the market.

And a well-planned room can be made more interesting by adding architectural detailing and mi
llwork. But it doesn’t matter how much detailing and decorating you do, if a room is not functional then it is not successful design. I am a big proponent of good “flow” in a space…meaning traffic flow. I love to entertain and there is not much worse than rooms that don’t accommodate people well.

4. What's your favorite piece of furniture?

Wow! This is a hard
question!!! I love Jan Showers desk (I love a ton of her pieces actually!). Also a favorite is my Thomas O’Brien Secretary from Hickory Chair. And if you want to know about accessories and accents…I am a sucker for ALL Christopher Spitzmiller’s lamps! I am a huge fan of both Chris and his products! And another all-time favorite piece is Thomas Pheasant’s Sunburst Mirror for Baker. I know it has been used a TON but it is still one of my all-time greats!

Image Courtesy of ChristopherSpitzmiller.com

Jan Showers desk. Image from janshowers.com via tobifairley.com

5. I see sunburst mirrors recurring in several of your projects. What is it about this piece that makes them such a successful part of the design?

Funny, I just mentioned the Baker mirror and now this question!
J I am pretty consistent in the things I love. They are typically classic pieces rooted in traditional design even if they are clean in their presentation. I rarely tire of things even if they experience a popular phase, the things I look are always classic in my opinion! Things that fit this bill for me are the greek key motif, the sunburst mirror, and classic animal print if done well like the Bergamo and Brunschwig Leopard velvets! So for me, sunburst mirrors are classics! I especially still love the antique versions from the 18th and 19th century. I often buy these for clients on 1st dibs! I love the round and graceful lines of these mirrors and they are often a nice accent to my interiors which are often filled with straight lines. They also seem to be a perfect fit for some hard to accent places like over beds, so they are good solutions to some challenging spots. But like anything else that is popular, there are gorgeous and sophisticated versions of the sunburst and then there are imitations that get the scale and proportions all wrong!

Image Courtesy of

6. Which of your projects have been the most memorable to date?

I love the bedroom for the 2007 Susan G. Komen Build for the Cure Designer House. Not only was this project for a great cause that is dear to me and my family, my husband’s mother died of breast cancer, but it was also my first project published in Traditional Home Magazine! I would say it is also one of my most admired interiors. The cool color palette is appealing to almost everyone!

Image Courtesy of

7. Do you have any advice for interior designers in the beginning of their careers, and what do you think are the main components to stay competative in today's market?

Those who know
me know that I always have tons of advice! J I come by it honestly from my mother! I am a fan of formal education and certification. I know that there are many, many great designers that did not take this path and I admore them and their work. But for someone who is starting out in this field, I think a design education is so helpful and I think it is beneficial for the public for designers to be educated in the health, safety and welfare of their clients.

I give talks on how to stay competitive in this market and the top 3 things I discuss are:

1) building a unique brand
2) extreme customer service
3) building a strong company infrastructure.

As you know, I am a huge proponent of using social media and networking to build your brand. It has worked beautifully for me. I think customers are no longer willing to pay high price unle
ss they get personalized service to match and I have learned the hard way that it is impossible to successfully grow a design firm without setting up a sound infrastructure for your company. I am a huge fan of using business consultants and experts to help make this happen. But the very first place to start of you are opening your own firm is by reading the book The E-myth revisited by Michael Gerber! And they all need to keep in mind that opening a firm is about 90% business and 10% creative! Many creative people are not great managers and I think this is the hardest part about owner your own business. I have an MBA so I have a good deal of management training. So getting some experience manager others in a large design firm would be great practice for managing your own firm.

8. What would be your advice to a designers practicing (or trying to practice) in areas where it's more common to use interior designers for commercial projects than recidential?

Again, I think that building your brand and reputation is key. And the best way I have found to do this is through social networking avenues like blogs, facebook and twitter. Before and after photos that show the value you add to the project are very helpful to clients and you can easily post this sort of things on a blog and on facebook. And it always helps build trust with people if you can give them added value. So I love using the blog as a platform for adding value to my client and potential client’s lives including everything from DIY projects, product resources, travel tips and must-see’s, recipes and more!

Image Courtesy of

To see more of Tobi's work and visit her blog, go to www.TobiFairley.com
Thursday, July 23, 2009

Endrede planer... / Change of plans...

Jeg hadde bestemt meg for stoffet fra Premier Prints inc nedenfor til å trekke om spisestuestolene, men fikk peppermynteteen i halsen da de skulle ha $200 i frakt. Dermed ble det en ny jakt og jeg endte opp med...

I had decided on the fabric below from Premier Prints Inc to reupholster our dining room chairs. I was about to choke on my peppermint tea when I got their shipping quote - $200! So the search continued, and I ended up with...

Meridia Rain fra Robert Allen gjennom Interiormall.com. Jeg kan absolutt anbefale siten, de har super og personlig service (i motsetning til det forrige selskapet, de brukte ukesvis på å besvare henvendelser, og var veldig lite hjelpsomme)

Meridia Rain from Robert Allen through Interiormall.com. I can really recommend this site, they have great and personal service (unlike the previous company, it used weeks to answer e-mails and were very unhelpful)

For å se hvordan spisestuestolene ser ut i dag, klikk her. Siden de må males med en kraftig malingtype har en venninne meldt seg frivillig til å male de (er litt begrenset pga graviditeten), så så snart jeg har funnet ut hvor jeg får tak i maling etter RAL-oppskrift er vi på gang!)

PS - bordet skal om alt går som planlagt bli levert på fredag!!! Jippi!!

To see what the chairs are looking like today, click here. Since they have to be painted with a non pregnancy friendly paint a good friend has volunteered to paint them for me (Thank you, thank you, thank you!). My next challenge is to find a paint store that mixes color from RAL receipes.

BTW - The dining room table is being delivered on Friday! YAY!!!
Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kelly Wearstler's "Hue" / Siste bokkjøp - Kelly Wearstler's "Hue"

Da har jeg akkurat forhåndsbestilt en av mine favorittinteriørdesigneres siste bok, nemlig Kelly Wearstler's bok "Hue". Kelly er kjent for å ha modernisert og oppdatert Hollywood Regency-stilen, min største inspirasjonskilde. Absolutt å anbefale!

So I just pre ordered Kelly Wearstler's "Hue" from Amazon.com. Can't wait to see what she's been up to! Kelly is known for bringing back and updating Hollywood Regency to modern standard, and I'm a big fan of some of her work. Hopefully this new book is filled with loads of inspiration!

So I just
Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Makes a Room Great? / Hva er det som virkelig "gjør" et rom?

House Beautiful devoted their August issue to "What Makes a Room Great". The question and the issue made me think.. What does make a room great? I've made a list of what I think makes a room great. The list is hugely personal, so it would be interesting to hear if you agree, or if you have something to add to the list!

House Beautiful har dedikert august-utgaven sin til "Hva gjør et rom fantastisk". Spørsmålet og utgaven fikk meg til å tenke. Hva er det som gjør et rom virkelig godt? Jeg har laget en liste over de tingene jeg mener er kritiske. Listen er min personlige mening, så det hadde vært interessant å høre om du er enig, eller har noe som bør legges til eller trekkes fra listen.

1. Color Palette

The color palette of a room is one of the first things i look at. I think it can make or break a room. I always look for interesting and unexpected combinations, and dread monochrome rooms.

Image courtesy of dominomag.com

Image courtesy of dominomag.com

2. Focal Point

Interesting features in a room. It could be art, an interesting piece of furniture, color combinations, a mirror (sunburst anyone???), a fabric... The list goes on...

This image from houseofturquoise.blogspot.com has a very interseting focal point - the chandelier.

3. Symmetry

I'm a sucker for symmetry and my interest always tends to rest on rooms with interesting symmetry. It doesn't have to be perfect, but present in the details.

Image courtesy of tobifairley.com

Image courtesy of Melissa Rufferty

4. Art

It doesn't have to be expensive, but it has to be interesting, and it has to be framed well.

Image courtesy of James Radin. The picher collection is framed by the shelves and makes perfect art.

Image courtesy of Emily Walker. The framed fabric makes a beautiful statement.

5. Details

Someone once said that a room isn't perfect until you've finished the last 10%.
I found this image on House of Turquoise. I keep finding new and interesting details in this room, it's very "finished" in my opinion and at the same time not overdone.

5. Useability

A room can't be great if you can't live in it, be comfortable in itand use it on a daily basis.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Current Obsession: Milk Glass / Dilla på Milk Glass

Milk glass har et uttrykk og ikke minst en "purity" som jeg har blitt helt hypnotisert av. Wikipedia sin definisjon av produktene er: "Milk glass is an opaque, milky white or colored glass, blown or pressed into a wide variety of shapes.".

De finnes i mange merkelige og ikke fullt så attraktive fasonger, men de som er nydelige er virkelig det - helt fantastiske! I tillegg til det finnes de i hopetall på ebay, og er det jeg vil kalle grisebillig. Hvis du ikke ønsker å lete gjennom alt skrotet som ligger der, har Eddie Ross en super butikk på Etsy.com, hvor han har valgt ut noen av de bedre objektene (blant mye annet, den blir ofte oppdatert).

Milk glass has an expression and a "freshness" that I just LOVE. Wikipedia's definition of milk glass is: "...an opaque, milky white or colored glass, blown or pressed into a wide variety of shapes."

You can find it in the strangest and most unappealing forms and shapes, but if you spend some time searching on ebay, you can find some really good items - really cheap! If you don't want to search through all the junk on ebay, Eddie Ross has a great selection in his Etsy store (which is updated regularly).

From Eddie Ross' previous city apartment. The mantle looks stunning! From eddieross.com

From wikipedia.org

A selection of small vases. These are widely available on ebay for around $3 a piece.

I think the display here is just amazing. From apartmenttherapy.com

This is a low rose vase. I have two of them, and they look fabulous :)

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