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Monday, February 28, 2011

SC in Buenos Aires: The secret's out!

After almost a week at Eco Yoga Park eating only vegetarian, ecological food (SO good!), we came back to Buenos Aires all relaxed from yoga, meditation and gardening - check out my blog for photos. I have to admit that we were ready for some beef, red wine and a party with our friends here.
We decided to go to a so-called puerta cerrada (closed-door restaurant), a phenomenon for a long time in the city. It can be difficult to find, as the restaurants often are private peoples apartments. There are no signs on the door or building, and rumors of these types of restaurants are either word of mouth or a search online.
We went to “La cocina discreta”. A lovely woman from Mexico hosted the event for the 12 of us, while her husband cooked up a storm in the kitchen. A nice dining area with a square table and huge photos of Indian elephants on the walls made a good atmosphere. The kitchen had a French feel and the warmth of the place was just amazing.
(All our BA-friends, ready for a great food experience!)
(Only a number on the front-door, not a sign of a restaurant inside. Shelley giving our hostess a kiss goodbye and thanks for a great time!)
It really was a great night! Three courses, lots of wine and a different culinary experience from the tasteful parillas (steakhouses) we´ve visited frequently.
I´ve fallen in love with Buenos Aires, but now we´re leaving this beautiful city. Mendoza and wine-country awaits us next!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Norwegian Model Rahma M

Rahma used to be my next door neighbor. She was kind of tomboyish, but always with a stunning face. I have to say, I'm ridiculously proud of what she's achieved! 

This photoshoot was in Red Magazine (and you KNOW I love the theme ;))

If you want to follow her on her journey to the top, follow her on her facebook page here.

Happy weekend!!


Image 1+2 from here, image 3 from here.
Thursday, February 24, 2011

At Home with Swedish Artist Tove Mauritzson

Artist Tove Mauritzson makes some seriously funky artwork, and you know her home had to be equally cool!

It's kitchy & fabulous! It's not difficult to see what makes the room here. What do you think? The art or the furniture?

Tove looks about ready to pop, but she's looking tres chic at the same time! She's now given birth to her little daughter, Harriet. I'm totally loving the look of her studio!

Color perfection!

Her home is filled with chic little vignettes.

A teal colored chalk board just looks about a MILLION times better than the usual black.

A cheap way to fix up a vintage gilded frame. Love the look of EVERYTHING! :)

Feeling inspired?? I know I am!!

Happy Thursday!!


PS - all images are courtesy of Residence, taken by photographer Sara Svenningsrud

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Desirable Livingroom

I'm absolutely smitten by this living room from Norwegian Elle Interiør. The painted yellow doors are such a refreshing touch of color, and the color palette is very sophisticated. (but if you look closely, you'll see that most of the interior is flea market finds combined with reasonable IKEA furniture)

Are you planning to paint anything in a fresh and lively color?


PS - we're announcing some HUGE news later tonight!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

SC in Buenos Aires: Shopping for tangoshoes, baby!


I´ve been dying to do some shoe-shopping in Buenos Aires, and the other day a friend of mine told me about the darling little shop Comme il Faut in Recoleta. Wow. The tiny little street even has a french name - Rue des Artisan. This shop is all about tango-shoes and style.

Designer and owner Alicia Muñiz might even be there to great you herself in the fab little shop on the second floor. A group of professional shoe-girls finds you your perfect pair of shoes while you wait in a huge black velvet couch. It´s an amazing way to shop for shoes!

After an hour of trying on God knows how many pairs of absolutely gorgeous heels, I found the ones that I wanted. Since I´m traveling for a year, I don´t have much room for more stuff, but I just couldn´t resist:)

I chose a pair tangoshoes of course (they do have a few other styles as well). These are in black silk with red sequin ankle-strap. Really comfortable, chic and you can dance all night long in them.

(Hello, darlings!)

This shop really is a dream come true - tango enthusiast or not.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thank you Elle Decor!

One of the worlds biggest and best interior design magazines, Elle Decor reads Scandinavian Chic! (WOHOO!) Feeling slightly star struck, as this really is a fantastic magazine, and has been a favorite for years. :)

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend! 

Tomorrow, Camilla is reporting from Buenos Aires again, and this time, she'll be talking shoes!


Friday, February 18, 2011

A revisit from the Past: Milla Boutique

I'm sure most of you remember these images Camilla Berntsen took especially for Scandinavian Chic a while back. Due to some issues, the post has been "offline" for a few months, but we love them so much we HAD to share them again!

In this series we’re introducing you to the homes of the fabulous guys and gals behind the über chic blogs on our blog roll. (left)

The next blogger we’re featuring, is a long time favorite of mine. Camilla is just one of those people that has a design aesthetic that completely makes me rethink my own and want to change EVERYTHING.

I really appreciate her taking time out of her busy schedule (styling jobs, design projects, the store and of course all the magazines that are constantly returning to her to give their readers a little part of “Milla”). The photos she’s shared with us are styled differently than what we’ve seen before, and have been taken for Scandinavian Chic. (yay!)

Her style may not seem Scandinavian, but her interpretation and color scheme most definitely is..


Who: Camilla Berntsen

What: Founder and part-owner of the concept store Milla Boutique and the blog, Millablogg.

Blogs about: Music, art, photography, interiors, design, fashion & everyday life at Milla Boutique.

<The bedroom looks completely different from the last time I blogged about it, LOVED it before, and LOVE it now. The Kate Moss photo and the vintage gilded frames are perfection!>

SC: Describe your style in four words!
CB: Funky, Glamorous, Ethnic & Vintage.

<This home is all about the details.. Skulls, gold and interesting light fixtures>

SC: What’s your favorite store?
CB: Favorite store in Oslo: Voga. In Paris: L’Eclaireur on Rue Herold.

<Camilla has perfected the combination of gold and silver that I’m so stuck on these days.  The gold tap is looking so chic next to the silver frame and voluspa candle>

SC: What item in your house do you treasure the most?
CB: A white handmade lamp made of plaster which I bought in Paris some years ago. And of course my two Ragdoll cats who are a part of my interior!! Ha, ha!


clip_image001[8] clip_image001[10]
<The little niche with candles, jewelry and much much more is such a touch of interest>

SC: How do you incorporate Scandinavian design in your home and/or wardrobe?
CB: I don’t have a lot of Scandinavian design in my house, but I have a couple of Verner Phanton chairs that I love! There’s something about the organic feeling and the sculptural way they’re made..

And I only have a light color palette, with different shades of white, grey, beige, brown and some items in black. And a lot of silver & gold. I’m addicted to it!!

When it comes to clothes, I’m a huge fan of  Swedish design brands as Acne & Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair. A lot of my clothes in my wardrobe are from these two brands... And the Norwegian jewelry designer Bjørg.

<The bathroom and bedroom are “open planned”. This is the view from the bed> 

SC: What’s your latest purchase?
My latest purchase is a pair of snakeskin tights from Filippa K.

<You can never have too many shoes ;)>

SC: What’s your favorite Scandinavian Design Classic?
CB: I love the glass lamp "Vintage" from the Danish company Design by Us. Maybe not yet a classic- but I know it will be some day!


SC: Favorite Scandinavian Magazines?
CB: Can’t help it- I´m a big fan of Elle Interior. In all the Scandinavian countries...  (NorwaySweden)


SC: Best décor / style / beauty advise?
Be true to your style, no matter what the trends are!

When it comes to interior, keep to few colours and play with different styles instead. Add some shiny silver & gold to make it glamorous.

Keep it interesting with surprising elements and have fun with it! Buy things you can appreciate and keep for many years!

<We’re finishing off the tour with some vignettes showing Camilla’s way of styling>

Want to see what Camilla’s home looked like a few months ago? Click HERE for a full tour!


ps - want to share your home on Scandinavian Chic? You HAVE to be Scandinavian, other than that, we want all kinds of styles. Send your e-mail to: dagny@scandinavianchic.com
Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's all about Rikke!

And her home, which is featured in the current issue of Norwegian Maison!!! She's still travelling the world, at the moment she's in Puala Pangkor (!!).

Rikke is looking cute as always, in this pic with her man Leo and their baby Stella (who shares the same name as my youngest ;))

Love how they managed to squeeze in the all mighty ScandinavianChic.com ;) (go Maison!!)

Hurry and get your copy too!!
(and I'll share more of the spread later on. but get your copy first! :)))


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Want it, need it, have to have it!!

At least today. :) I was browsing through the last issue of Norwegian Maison, and there's a LOT of eye candy this month! Best of all, the homes are all Norwegian! Rikke's home is also featured, and I'm giving you a sneak peek of it tomorrow! (one word: FAB :))

But today, this feather lamp is what I'm desperately needing:

Have you EVER seen anything more perfect??


Image scanned from Maison 01/2011 by me

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chic or Shit: Mansion Style

Would you belive me if I told you these rooms are from the same house mansion castle in Sweden?

Which room is your favorite?

I see birds, HUGE birds! I kinda love this room, definitely on the eclectic side with the huge 60s murals. The teal flooring is the perfect extra touch. I spy a HUGE crack in the wall too. Not so hot.

This is probably a different view of the same room. The gold/brass artwork on the wall is beyond amazing, I think I need it! Wall to wall carpets are also coming back, with a whole new generation of anti dust materials. The color scheme is also kinda cool.

Hello pink! Leopards on the floor are NOT HOT!! This room makes absolutely no sense at all.

Hm, this room is having some issues with scale. the bed is too big. Or maybe it's the firplace? I don't get it. Maybe it was supposed to be an office instead? That bed would have looked AMAZING in a more minimalist, clean decor though.

Wanna move in? Or is it too much to handle? Can't take the birds? Or is it the leopards that are icking you?

Let me know, is all these style directions in one home CHIC or SHIT??

Would you move right in, or run out screaming??


PS - want to buy the place? You can do so here. (and check out the rest of the crib too)

SC in Buenos Aires: Sunday brunch Scandinavian style

My hubby Thomas and I decided to have a Sunday brunch instead of a Valentines Day dinner. We went to Ølsen, the Scandianvian oasis of a restaurant in Palermo Hollywood. But before our brunch, we paid a little visit to BAs famous cupcake-shop, Muma´s. Here we found inspiration for a sweet surprise for your sweetheart:) Read more about that here!

Ølsen however really is Scandinavian, both interior and food wise. Of course they also serve 50 different types of vodka, so no worries there. The restaurants entrance is oaky brown and when you look inside a lush backyard with designer sun chairs catch your eye. It´s known to be one of the most beautiful restaurant backyards in the city. Walking along the deck, running water flows down the side of a sculpture, making it seemingly like a Norwegian stream...

(50 types of vodka...Barstools with leather seats in front)

The place was of course packed with chic porteños dining - but we got a table inside by the huge fireplace.

We had a platter of fancy "smørrebrød", with herring, smoked salmon, cured salmon, and so on.

(Bagles on a stick!)

We had a little bit of Norway in BA, and enjoyed it immensely after over two months on the road.

Did you enjoy Valentines Day?


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