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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We're Selling Our Home!

This blog was started well over four years ago, when we bought this house. We intended to stay her much longer, but sometimes, you can't control everything. In august, we lost my grandfather, and as a direct consequence, we decided to buy his home, which was where my mother grew up, and I've spent countless days the past 32 years. It feels super strange to be leaving this house, our first total renovation project, which was completely finished about two weeks ago (!). At the same time, I'm very very excited to start the renovation of a house that means so much to me.

To view the sales ad for our current home, click HERE.

Image from the sales ad

I was interviewed by USBL today about how to implement colors into your home, and they asked me what my favorite room in the house was...

My answer: Our bedroom, the livingroom, the kitchen the laundry room, the hall... I actually LOVE every single room!

The bedroom has a pale and cool pink, called Kirsebærblomst FR1113. The fabric on the headboard is Bengale Tiger by Manuel Canovas, and the geometric bed spread is from Casamance (both available from Fargerike)

The laundry room has a wallpaper called Palais Chinois from Osborne&Little, furniture from IKEA and flooring by Megaflis.

The kitchen is from Danish Kvik, the pulls (handles) are by B&B Sweden. I chose marble tiles which I absolutely LOVE.

The kitchen nook is our favorite hangout (image from the sales ad)

The famous Hummingbird wallpaper from Cole&Son can be ordered from Fargerike. The rug is also from Fargerike.

Wallpaper Imperial Trellis from F.Schumacher, and matching blue/greyish paint that is called Kjølig Eleganse FR1207 (from Fargerike)

The second bedroom has been painted in Botanika FR1208 (from Fargerike) combined with yellow and pink. Gives a fresh and summery feel all year round.

The third bedroom is also green, but a cooler shade than the second bedroom.

The bathroom has a Laura Ashley mirror, Vedum console and moroccan tiles from Marrakesh Design.

Pale blue drapes that rest on the floor.

I absolutely loved our garden this summer.

We have some weeks ahead of us that are filled with important decisions and events. Am excited to see how everything pans out.

Happy Wednesday!! :)


all images are courtesy of fargerike.no


Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...

Hey Dagny, this is awesome, I've been wanting to see your whole home for a while!!! Would you mind if I feature it on my blog? It's gorgeous. Congrats on the new house - it will be a dream to decorate a house with so much meaning!

Minmill said...

Hei, her var det mange kule rom med særegenhet og fine detaljer. Jeg likte lysekronen på jenterommet. Dette huset blir vel ikke vanskelig å selge tenker jeg.

Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth said...

Amy - send me an e-mail to dagny@scandinavianchic.com! :)

minmil - tusen takk!! Jeg krysser fingrene, dette er virkelig spennende!

Danielle {freshquince} said...

Gorgeous home Dagny...wish I could buy it! I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, but I'm sure moving into your moms childhood home will make you feel closer to your grandpa. Good luck with the sale! xx Danielle

Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth said...

Hi Danielle! Thank you so much!! And we did sell our current home today! So excited!!

Solana {Solo Thais} said...

Your house is beautiful! Congrats on the sale. I'm excited to see what you do with your new home.

Home Decor said...

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Home Decor said...

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Anonymous said...

Hvor har du kjøpt kjøkkenflisene? Elsker dem

Patrick Tan said...

You would surely sell the house with photos these good. It was like taken from a magazine page.

Sara said...

Beautiful house. Where did you get that pink bed from?! Love it!

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